Most of my writing has been of the comic strip/comic book variety, so there may not be as many naked words here as one might expect. That said, I often do dash of the random bit of prose, and will most likely post some of it here.

But for now, here are a few examples of my wordsmithing:

Several years ago I was commissioned by Nina Paley to write scripts for her syndicated comic strip "Fluff." All of them can be found on her sprawling and wondrous site ninapaley.com, but I present a sampling of my favorites here, along with the original scripts.



Once while driving from Tucson to the Bay Area, a whole superhero team sprung into my mind, and as soon as i got home I wrote it all down. Originally I'd intended to do it as a comic book, but with this new internet thing, and inspired by writing Fluff, I decided to try it as a regular comic strip. I finished 5 of them, and then got distracted by other strands of the rich tapestry of life.

Years passed, and I took a long road trip, intending to find which of the many things drawing me I would want to draw back. It came to me that the project that gave me the most enjoyment to work on was... Idiot Force! And so I sat down and wrote & drew the first issue of the Idiot Force comic book. Not sure whether to look for a publisher or to self publish, I did neither, and decided to do more online comic strips. Perhaps enough people will like them that there will be a groundswell of interest in seeing the comic book, in whatever form it appears.

The storyline in progress is a somewhat altered version of the story that I'd originally intended as Idiot Force #1, way back when. The story I finally wrote for the first issue is entirely different, but this one still cried out to be told...

My ongoing comic strip, now at idiotforce.com


And the there are the words without pictures:


Soap Soup
A short fairy tale
A bit from my travels

More to come...