Nina Paley's Fluff
The Escaped Animals
Written by Ian Akin
Drawn by Nina Paley

National Police Week
Terrible Mother (Sunday)
The New Guy
Checkers The Pirate (2 Weeks)
Prey Of The Month (Sunday)
The Cat Whisperer
Checkers' Ark (3 Weeks)






Panel 1: Sasha is just inside the door, on the doorstep is an Ostrich, looking agitated.
Ostrich: 'I just escaped from the zoo! Can you hide me?'
Sasha: 'I…'
Panel 2: Ostrich points to his head with one wing, while gesturing about with the other.
Ostrich: 'You don't have to hide all of me, just my head! Do you have any sand?'
Sasha: 'I don't think…'
Panel 3: Ostrich delightedly looking over Sasha's shoulder, while she looks the same way.
Ostrich: 'There's a box of sand! That looks like just enough!'
Sasha: 'But that's…'
Ostrich: 'I'll just go and…'
Panel 4: Sasha looking back over her shoulder towards where Ostrich has rushed (he's now off panel).
Ostrich: 'Aaaughhh!'
Sasha: '!'

Panel 1: An Elephant's at the door, talking to Sasha.
Elephant: 'I just escaped from the zoo! Can you hide me?'
Sasha: 'Sure!'
Panel 2: Small panel, close on Sasha, pondering.
Sasha: 'But where? He won't fit in the closet…
Panel 3: Sasha curled up & sleeping peacefully in the foreground, the Elephant is pretending to be a graceful figurine lampstand, standing on one leg, lampshade on head.

Panel 1: This time it's a Zebra at the door.
Zebra: 'I just escaped, can I hide out here?'
Sasha: 'I guess so, but wouldn't you be less conspicuous if you changed out of your prisoner outfit?'
Panel 2: Zebra looks totally indignant, Sasha holds out one of her Human's nice new dresses, with a leopardish pattern on it (clearly not leopard skin).
Zebra: 'I beg your pardon…?'
Sasha: 'Here, try something with spots!'

Panel 1: Sasha answers the door to find a Sloth on the doorstep.
Sloth: 'Hi, I'm a sloth! Can you hide me?'
Panel 2: Sasha turns to Elba, who happens to have a dictionary right there.
Sasha: 'What's a 'Sloth'?'
Elba: 'I'll look it up…'
Panel 3: Elba from off panel to Sasha, who apologetically but firmly refuses the disappointed sloth.
Elba: 'It's 'One of the Seven Deadly Sins'.'
Sasha: 'Sorry, we'd better not.'

Panel 1: A Puffer Fish is at the door, has a small fishbowl full of water on its head. Sasha looks happy, licks her chops.
Fugu: 'Hi, I need a place to hole up for a while. I'm a Puffer Fish…a Fugu to be precise.'
Sasha: (thought balloon) 'Mmm…Fish!'
Panel 2: Sasha is gesturing happily for Fugu to come in, Fugu looks proud as it elaborates
Sasha: 'Come on in!'
Fugu: 'I'm the most poisonous fish in the world!'
Panel 3: Sasha is torn, surrounded by ???s and !!!s (or skulls & crossbones & tasty looking fish).
Sasha: 'What a dilemma!'

Panel 1: A Giraffe with sunglasses is at the door, legs splayed, neck down enough to see in. Sasha is politely refusing him.
Giraffe: 'Can you put me up for a bit?'
Sasha: 'Sorry, we don't have enough room.'
Panel 2: Giraffe is objecting, Sasha curious.
Giraffe: 'But I'm a movie star… I was in that hit movie a few years ago!'
Sasha: 'Which one?'
Panel 3: Giraffe looking proud, Sasha rolls her eyes.
Giraffe: 'Giraffic Park!'