Nina Paley's Fluff
Checkers' Ark
Written by Ian Akin
Drawn by Nina Paley

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(SERIES NOTE: I'm not sure of the best way to concisely get across 'Checkers' Ark' each day- a sign, a caption or an Ark in background. I sort of mixed and matched- call me if it's a problem.)

Panel 1: Human looks out window, Sasha pricks up her ears.
Human: 'My goodness! It's raining cats and dogs out there!'
Sasha: 'This I've gotta see!'
Panel 2: Sasha at open door, Checkers stands there cheerfully dripping.
Checkers: 'Hi, Sasha! I'm building an ark! Wanna come help?'
Sasha: 'Darn! It's only raining dogs.'

Panel 1: Checkers builds his Ark, chats with Sasha.
Checkers: 'I'm gonna get every animal there is on my ark, to save them from the flood!'
Sasha: 'What if you run out of room?'
Panel 2: Checkers looks pleased with himself, Sasha questioning.
Checkers: 'Relax! I'm using the Scientific Method!'
Sasha: 'What's that?'
Checkers: ' 'First come first served'!'

Panel 1: Checkers stands by as a line of animals goes past, Ark's in background. Show at least part of Aardvark, 'Aardzebra' is a regular Zebra, furtively looking over his shoulder, and you can just have the edge of the Abominable Snowman.
Checkers: 'We're ready to board!'
Checkers: 'Aardvark, OK… Aardwolf, Aardzebra, Abominable Snowman…'
Panel 2: Checkers points off panel, Yeti slinks that way.
Checkers: 'Hey! You're a 'Yeti'! End of the line…'
Yeti: 'Drat! I'm always last.'

Panel 1: Checkers holds up a paw towards a bunch of Sheep, standing on each others backs, with a fake Elephant trunk and ears. Next to them is a Sheep in wolf's clothing, trying to howl.
Checkers: 'Sorry, I've already got Sheep.'
Sheep: 'No, wait! We're not sheep, we're an Elephant!'
Wolf/Sheep: 'And I'm a Wolf!'
Wolf/Sheep: 'baAAAROoooo…'
Wolf/Sheep: 'See?'

Panel 1: Checkers stands by a sign, gesturing at several shapes bulging in a huge Anaconda, or other large snake. The shapes should be recognisable as animals, which could be tricky. Possibles: Stork, Deer (with antlers), Monkey, with tail, Lion rampant, … anything you can make a recognisable silhouette of. At least three of them. Snake looks a little guilty.
Sign: 'Checkers' Ark- Express lane, 2 animals or less'
Checkers: 'I'm sorry, sir, but each of those count as a separate item.'

Panel 1: Checkers arguing with a Rat, who points off panel. Rat looks dissolute, stubbly.
Checkers: 'I'm not letting any Rats on! I figure some of you will just sneak on anyway.'
Rat: 'Yeah? What're you gonna do about those Elephants sneaking on?'
Panel 2: Close on Checkers, laughing derisively.
Checkers: 'Ha Ha Ha! Oh, sure…Elephants! Ha Ha!'
Panel 3: Shot of two or three furtive looking Elephants spilling out of the Ark's cabin, where they're trying to hide.


Panel 1: Checkers dubiously looks up at a Walrus.
Checkers: 'I don't know if we've got room for a Walrus… you're pretty big…'
Walrus: 'But you need entertainment, don't you? Wait'll you see my Tap-dance routine!'
Panel 2: Checkers is bemused, a Penguin sidles up holding a contract. Walrus is tap-dancing away in background.
Checkers: 'Entertainment?'
Penguin: 'I'm his agent… I'll just need a paw print here…'
Walrus: 'Singin' in the rain…' (with musical notes)
Sound Effect: 'Tippity tap tap'

Panel 1: Checkers stops a raccoon from boarding the ark, Raccoon promptly launches into a soliloquy.
Checkers: 'We're not letting any robbers on.'
Raccoon: 'It's the mask, isn't it?
Raccoon: 'Haven't we gone beyond judging creatures by their appearance? Do I judge you by the spot on your back?'
Raccoon: (smaller letters) 'Nice spot, by the way'
Panel 2: Raccoon finishes up, Checkers looks chastened.
Raccoon: 'Aren't we all individuals, some good, some bad, but all deserving a chance?'
Checkers: 'I… I guess you're right. Sorry. Welcome aboard.'
Checkers: 'Hey! Where's my spot?'

Panel 1: Checkers at top of ramp, welcoming a Frog and a Venus Fly Trap onto his Ark.
Checkers: 'Welcome aboard! If there's one thing we have too many of, it's Flies, so there's always room for a Venus Fly Trap and a Frog!'
Frog: 'Actually we decided that eating Flies is disgusting, so we've become vegetarians.'
Panel 2: Checkers listens bemused to Trap and Frog.
Venus Trap: 'Yeah, now I'm a 'Venus Tofu Trap'!'
Frog: 'And I'm still a Frog.'

Panel 1: Checkers looks dubious as a Duck with an umbrella comes up to the 'Checkers' Ark' booth.
Duck: 'You've got to let me on! I've been flying in circles all day!'
Checkers: 'Circles?'
Panel 2: Duck holds umbrella with one wing while flapping with the other, thereby flying in circles. Checkers looks up at Duck.
Duck: 'You ever try to fly while holding an umbrella?'

Panel 1: Checkers argues with a Fish, Ark's in background.
Checkers: 'You can't come on my ark- you're a fish! You can swim to safety!'
Fish: 'Swim, swim, swim! I'm sick of it! Just once I want to ride!'
Panel 2: Fish peevishly asks Checkers, who looks proud.
Fish: 'Have you ever tried to swim all day?'
Checkers: 'I don't swim, I dog paddle.'

Panel 1: Checkers talking to a Lemming with a surfboard. Ark is in background.
Checkers: 'You're a Lemming! Why should I let you on the Ark- You'll just jump over the edge!'
Lemming: 'No, dude! I'm lookin' for the beach! I hear there's some gnarly waves!'
Panel 2: Checkers, puzzled, looks after Lemming. Behind him a young Rhino on a skateboard arrives.
Checkers: '?'
Rhino: 'Dude! Which way to the skate park?'

Panel 1: Checkers welcoming a Muntjac with a Barking Lizard on its back. Sasha objects.
Muntjac: 'I'm a Muntjac, also known as the Barking Deer!'
Lizard: 'And I'm an Australian Barking Lizard!'
Checkers: 'All the Barking animals go First Class!'
Sasha: 'That's unfair!'
Panel 2: Close on smug Checkers.
Checkers: 'We barkers can't help being superior!'
Panel 3: Checkers looks off panel, Sasha looks irritated.
Checkers: 'Hey, I see a Barking Tree Frog!'
Sasha: 'I smell a Barking Spider.'


Panel 1: One panel. Checkers on Ark, gesturing, Sasha runs up excitedly. Anteater is behind her.
Checkers: 'We're about ready to set sail! Termites on the inside, Barnacles on the outside…'
Sasha: 'The Anteater's eaten all the Ants!!'
Anteater: 'What did you expect?'

Panel 1: Checkers makes friendly conversation with a tall grumpy Giraffe. It's raining lightly.
Checkers: 'How's the weather up there?'
Giraffe: 'It's raining! Same as down there!'
Panel 2: The Giraffe grabs Checkers with its teeth and hurls him into the air.
Giraffe: 'Here! See for yourself!'
Checkers: 'Yipes!'
Panel 3: Giraffe stalks off, leaving Checkers flopped on the deck.
Giraffe: 'And I don't play basketball, either.'

Panel 1: A light rain falls, as Sasha looks wonderingly at a laughing hyena.
Sasha: 'All this rain! I wonder how the Hyena stays so cheerful?!'
Hyena: 'Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!'
Panel 2: Hyena is taken away in a straightjacket by two Meerkats in white coats and funny farm hats. Sasha understands.
Hyena: 'Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee Hee Ha Ha…'
Sasha: 'Oh.'
Hats: 'Funny Farm'

Panel 1: A Camel, with a sour look as usual, and Sasha discuss the weather.
Camel: 'The rain's finally stopped! I am so sick of water!'
Sasha: 'Me Too!'
Panel 2: Camel goes on, Sasha agrees.
Camel: 'I don't even like water! I could go for a month without water!'
Sasha: 'Yeah!'
Panel 3: Camel continues, Sasha is appalled.
Camel: 'And food! I could go for a month without food, too!'
Sasha: 'Hey, waitaminnit!'

Panel 1: Sasha, concerned, to Checkers, questioning. A few animal silhouettes in background.
Sasha: 'We've got to find land soon- we've got a hundred hungry herbivores!'
Checkers: 'What about the carnivores?'
Panel 2: Sasha looks off panel.
Panel 3: Sasha, concerned.
Sasha: 'The carnivores are fine, but we've got eighty hungry herbivores!'

Panel 1: Checkers at Ark railing, gesturing dramatically out over the water. A Pelican is flying where he's pointing.
Checkers: 'If there is land out there, bring me a sign!'
Panel 2: Checkers a little puzzled, as the Pelican returns, holding a road sign in his beak.
Sign: 'Road Flooded'