Nina Paley's Fluff
Prey of the Month
Written by Ian Akin
Drawn by Nina Paley

National Police Week
The Escaped Animals
Terrible Mother (Sunday)
The New Guy
Checkers The Pirate (2 Weeks)
The Cat Whisperer
Checkers' Ark (3 Weeks)






Panel 1: Sasha and Elba are playing cards, Sasha is looking happily over at the open door, the UPS person is plopping a box down (About big enough for a smallish yak).
Sasha: 'Oboy! My package is here!'
Sound Effect: 'Thud!'
Panel 2: The box is on its side and a smallish yak is emerging, blinking, nervous. Sasha looks at it in delight.
Sasha: 'Wow! A yak!'
Panel 3: The yak sees the happy Sasha and gasps in fear.
Sasha: 'Last month a gerbil, and now this!'
Yak: 'Gasp!'
Panel 4: Sasha thanks Elba enthusiastically (Is giving her a hug too weird?). Elba looks pleased and slightly embarrassed.
Sasha: 'What a great birthday present! Elba, you're the best!'
Panel 4: Elba tells us what's up. Sasha leaps after terrified yak.
Elba: 'I signed her up for 'Prey of the Month Club'!'
(Panel 3 can be combined with 2 or 4, if you want.)